Machine Learning Platform

Current Technology trends in Artificial Intelligence has caused a revolution in how most companies perform their operations. One of these major trends is the use of Big Data and Machine Learning to make informed decisions and mitigate various sector specific risks. Without the headache of huge initial investments, lack of skilled resourses etc SNWOLLEY simplifies the ML- process and allows you to focus on your core job.

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InBuilt Algorithms

Some UseCases

Prevention of customer churn


Identify which of your clients are likely to defect before they do to prevent reactionary response measures.

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Personalized marketing for revenue growth


Analyze your customers unique traits and expenditure to determine which of the banks’ packages best suites such clients. Have personalized marketing that addresses relevant need of client delivered even unto the clients banking app

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Loan Financing and Advisory


Using ML, identify which of your customers are credit worthy and for what facility, the likely hood for default translating to personalized advice for the said client with further recommendations

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Fraud Detection


Training systems to know clients transactional patterns and trends in order to identify and flag deviations in a clients normal transactional behavior in real time

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